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Beth Peterson

Everything in life happens for a reason.
Every person that crosses your path is connected to you in some way, for some purpose. Sometimes we connect the dots, however, sometimes we refuse to see. My hope is that you can be inspired by something inside these pages, because everything I have survived has a connection to a reason.

Beth Peterson is a very faithful individual. Her desire to encourage others to understand self-healing in a supportive environment comes from first hand experiences as a two time lightening strike survivor. Beth has persevered though it all to create the person she has become today, from loss and grief, to the many surgeries including amputation of nine of her toes.

She is a lover of nature, an Army Veteran, and a model of mind-over-matter enthusiasm. Whether through speaking engagements or talking to strangers, Beth tries to inspire all individuals to open their minds and examine healing from within.

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